Stanley Street Merchants-Review



We were lucky enough to be invited to dinner on Saturday by our special Ski Buddy Susie and she chose the amazing Stanley Street Merchants, which is a restaurant that I have been wanting to try. The award-wining internationally renowned chef Matt Stone brings his own unique brand of locally foraged produce to your table. From honey harvested in Neutral Bay, to paper bark sourced on the streets of Marrickville. This is Slow food at its best and shows you how good locally sourced food, prepared with care, can taste. Whenever they can, they will make everything from scratch and you can really taste the freshness . The flour for the bread is milled just hours before being used. The fish is caught that same day and the vegetables foraged or picked just hours before coming to your plate. The menu is a blast of fresh air with new innovative ideas put together on your plate! Tyrant Ants and Crickets! Don’t knock them until you have tried them!!! The Tyrant ants, from Byron Bay, taste like little hits of lemon and they worked perfectly with the crispy whitebait and think of deep fried school prawns when considering the crickets!! I opted for the beautifully tender Chicken from The Hunter Valley and the Beef and Kim Chi Mini Burgers ! Delicious! If you have not got this place on your list then you need too soon!!



Chicken From Hombre in The Hunter Valley with Corn and Jerusalem Artichokes



Whitebait, Tyrant Ants, Aniseed Myrtle, Aioli





Our Special Ski Buddy Susie xx and she takes Matt Stones Advice with the Whiskey!!!

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