Vic’s Meats At The Sydney Fish Markets


Something very exciting has just happened at The Sydney Fish Markets !! Vic’s Meats have opened an amazing meat emporium, in a large purpose built site near the entrance.  Vic’s Meats is a sister store of the award winning Victor Churchill’s and you can really tell this when you visit this place. Vic’s Premium Quality Meat was established by Victor and Anthony Puharich over 18 years ago. Since then, the family owned business has cemented its reputation as one of Australia’s leading distributors of quality meat to restaurants and food service customers.

When you enter their walk in coolroom you are hit with an enormous array of goodies it’s simply a carnivores playground. Every item is perfectly displayed and of the upmost quality, we decided on a Standing Rib of T & R Pastural Pasture Fed Eye Fillet.  Along the back wall was a show window of full carcasses ageing to perfection, before the team of butchers make them into your favourite cut.









So through the tills and you arrive at their eatery and thanks to their Yoda Smoker the  largest meat smoker in the Southern Hemisphere, you can experienced Beef Brisket or Pulled Pork Rolls with lashings of slaw and dripping in BBQ sauce all for 10 bucks and washed down with your favourite beer simply divine!!!!!







As if things just couldn’t get better,  there is also a  Wagyu and Grange bar where you can choose from amazing aged meat while you are sipping on a glass of grange served on tap !! Yes you heard me right, they are selling Grange on tap!!!!! The Wagyu is being cooked Teppanyaki style, We sampled a 400 day aged grain fed Emperors cut and Rangers Valley Flank, both were simply exquisite !! As you can see in the picture below, Chef’s Hat Winner and Head Chef of his new venue opening soon One6Eight in Balmain Leigh McDivitt is extremely impressed.  Vic’s is a truly sensational addition to the amazing Fish Market and it going to be hard not to be visiting every week for a beef brisket roll and something very special to take home for Sunday Lunch.




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