Mad Hatters High Tea Party at One6Eight Balmain


One of the newest additions to the Balmain/Rozelle Peninusular is One6Eight, where Pork Star and award winning chef  Leigh McDivitt is setting the town alight with his amazing creations! With his wife Amanda by his side and partners Paul Hargrave and Trish Van Tussenbroek they are certainly creating a stir. Apart from their simply stunning dinner and lunch services, they have just introduced an Alice In Wonderland themed Mad Hatter High Tea on the weekends between 12 noon and 5pm.

The One6Eight kitchen comes alive, serving their lucky punters with dainty mouthful’s of cleverly balanced, melt in the mouth,  treats. On the savoury level, you start with Parmesan and Nigella Lollipops which are crisp and tangy, with a nice salty hit of the Italian godfather of cheese.  Next it’s over to Cave Aged Cheddar and Monkey Shoulder Foam on a crisp In house Lavosh;  the whiskey is the perfect pairing with the earthiness of the aged clothbound cheddar and this has been turned into a light and fluffy foam. Now onto the Confit of Fried Chicken Wings,  served off the bone they simply melt like butter in your month and yet still pack the full flavour of the best fried chicken. Second to last of the savoury offerings is Spanner Crab and Yuzu Crostine, I just love the flavour of Yuzu and this together with the Crab is the perfect pairing. Of course high tea would not be the same without a cucumber sandwich, but nothing so ordinary at One6Eight, here you have a fresh cucumber tweil holding a Hendricks Gin Cloud.

Moving onto the the dessert level, you are encouraged to start with the Lemon Parfait  as a palate cleanser, the fresh lemon tang clearing the way for the flavours to come. I moved onto the Banana Brulee with Popcorn Praline, the intense flavour of the banana went hand in hand with the sweet nutty popcorn, giving this dish great crunch and texture. On to the Cranachan, light and fluffy adorned with sweet fresh raspberries and a shard of crunchy toffee brittle. Now Chilboust with Sailors Jerry and served with Mango Meringue Nest and then finally my favourite of the day Hot Cinnamon donuts, with syringes filled with a nutella Injection, I could have easily eaten two dozen of these. One6Eight Balmain have really stepped up yet another level with this concept and I can honestly say the experience was incredible. I have booked again for next weekend and look forward to introduce this exciting high tea meets fine dining to all my friends.

Address: 233 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2041
Phone:(02) 9555 8750













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