The Ultimate Easter Dessert


In Sydney we are surrounded by some of the most amazing confectionery wizards, so I thought as a once a year treat, I would combine some of their delicious morsels and create the ultimate Easter Dessert. I say once a year because there is enough sugar in this baby to knock an elephant off its feet!!! Also at The Gourmet Grocer we sell the worlds best chocolate Valrhona and you can really taste the difference. In this recipe, I used the Valrhona Caramelia and the Valrhona Dulcy, but there is a huge range of Valrhona flavours from which you can choose to your liking. To make the chocolate bowls can be a bit tricky and my tip to you is make sure when you have dipped the balloons in the chocolate you put them on a baking paper lined tray, because if you don’t, you will never get them off the tray in one piece.  Also when you do remove the cups from the tray and have removed the balloons, the chocolate might have gone a little thin on the base and even crack, but don’t worry, just pour some more melted chocolate into the base and then re refrigerate! I hope you enjoy this sugar explosion as much as we did!!! Enjoy


Serves 8

250g Caramelia Valrhona Chocolate
8 Adriano Zumbo Hot Cross Zumbarons
1 cup Valrhona Crunchy Pearls
165g Sweetness The Patisserie Coconut Marshmallow
200g Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Brownie
50g Sweetness The Patisserie Cinder Toffee
50g Sweetness The Patisserie Caramel Popcorn
100g Messina Gelato (flavour of your choice)
Coulis de Salidou Salted caramel sauce
8 Rubber Balloons


heat some water in a pan to simmering point and in a glass bowl break the chocolate into pieces and place the bowl over the pan of water making sure the water is not touching the bowl otherwise you will scorch the chocolate rather than just melt it.  Once melted allow to cool slightly.  While the chocolate is cooling inflate your balloons to the size of bowl you require and spray with cooking oil.  Please make sure you buy quality balloons otherwise they will burst when they hit the chocolate.  Dip the balloons into the chocolate to create the bowl shape and stand them on a baking paper lined tray.  Now, pop them into the fridge or freezer and allow the chocolate to thoroughly harden.  When hard pop each balloon and peel away from the cup.  if any cracks or holes have appeared in the bottom, don’t worry, just pour in a little more chocolate and re refrigerate.

In the bottom of your chocolate bowl break up some brownie, and layer with crunchy pearls, cinder toffee and marshmallow.  Scoop in a generous serve of your favourite Massina Gelato top with the caramel popcorn adorn with the Zumbaron and drizzle with the Coulis de Salidou, salted caramel sauce.





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